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…i come around the corner & he’s in a meeting. raising him right! I love my little KING. 👑🐻 #PeytonBenjamin

…beyoncé is an ICON. she doesn’t have to celebrate mediocrity with sub-categorizing her iconic-ness by being a “fashion” one. bey sure to pick up of your issue of the LEGENDARY CR Fashion Book. she covers it this month. 💋

…who can’t do this fashion shit? oh ok. y’all gone learn today. she’s an icon of EVERYTHING. @beyonce. 👑

…you’re one of my favorite people in the world bruh. this is a super old picture but it’s moments like this that represent what we have - & that’s each other’s back. you’re one of the most flawless women breathing - inside & out. I thank God for giving us one another. I love you @cassie. happy birthday shawty! P.S. I got your back even when the Tom Fords are hurting your feet! 😂👠❤️

…stress is when you try to be your own God. I’d rather just praise one. 💯



…don’t frustrate yourself seeking some weird ideal of perfection. instead fulfill your best possibilities in each and every moment through the simple & direct honesty of just being. thank you @Beyoncé. 👑

…kicked back last night at the “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21 premiere. @winnieharlow & @ravensymonecp good times! 😜 (at Supper Club)

…your best days are NOT behind you. faith represents what’s in front of you. It’s what you’re HOPING for. the manifestation of your future is contained inside of your faith. now tip. 💯